Rehearsal and Concert Schedule 2017-2018


Term Dates and Rehearsals

Concert Dates

September 5th rehearsal at St Sampson's High school

September 10th at Town Church

September 12th to December 12th


October 24th – no rehearsal – Half Term


November 14th  – GCOS AGM (to be confirmed)


December 12th – Rehearsal with orchestra at St Sampson’s High School


December 14th – Rehearsal at St James

December 15th and 16th 2017

January 9th to 27th March


February 20th  – no rehearsal – Half Term


April 3rd and April 10th – no rehearsals -                                                       Easter


April 17th  to  May 18th

April 18th – Rehearsal at St James


May 19th 2018